Hovenweep National Monument 

Hovenweep is in the heart of SE Utah, about an hour north of Montezuma Creek, Ut. and just west (5 minutes by car) of the Colorado border, near to Mesa Verde and Canyon of the Ancients.  All are managed by the National Park Services and are well maintained.  Hovenweep offers a campground that is clean, well managed and maintained, with approximately 25 parking places and one spotless bathroom building.  Camping spots for both motorhomes, trailer campers and tent campers.  The ruins are in astonishingly good condition and there is ongoing maintenance tied to preservation.  An interesting element to the structures is that many have double walls - it appears these anciencs knew about the benefit of dead space between the outside wall and the inside wall - insulation.  
Hovenweep is on the Colorado Plateau which is flat.  The canyon is a depression in the Plateau which I believe may have been created over millenia by the small spring that is the water source for this place.  The ruins are easily accessible with a well maintained trail that has very little elevation change.  Two days would be adequate for visiting Hovenweep, but if time permits, I would suggest taking two days to get a feel of this mysterious place.  There are several other villages one can walk to from the Visitor Center and part of the Hovenweep community.  This is a desert.  Bring sufficient water to keep yourself hydrated as you hike and enjoy this fabulous part of our history.  The ruins date back to 1,100 to 1,300 AD, but there is evidence of man inhabiting this area datinb vack 10,000 years. The ruins were inhabited by the ancient anasazi who are believed to have became the Pueblo Indians.
To read about the Lizard King incident, visit www.rcannefax.com.  
This little guy has a bit of special meaning.  I nicknamed him Lizard King out of respect to Jim Morrison and the unique incident with this little lizard.  Read about it at:            www.rcannefax.com.

More photos of the other villages that were part of the Hovenweep civilization will begin appearing during the summer of 2020.
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