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Homesteads, Ranches, Farming Communities, Mining Camps, Rural Towns;
All integral components of Utah's past we are preserving with photos.
Additions will appear as we photograph and post them.​

Leamington, Utah  Hwy 132

Leamington Phillips 66

Eureka, Utah   Hwy 6

Topaz Internment Camp & Abraham, Utah

Topaz Trailer Settlement

Topaz: The U.S. Government interned 11,000 Japanese-Americans at the Topaz Internment camp in 1942 following the Pearl Harbor bombing. More than 120,000 Japanes-Americans, many U.S. citizens, were interned in ten separate camps spread throughout the western United States. Most lost much of what they owned prior to their internment.

Abraham, Ut.

These structures and towns still exists today on Utah's back roads. Rural Utah abounds with treausures.  
Farmers, ranchers and inhabitants in remote parts of Utah are beginning to preserve the past and allow us a glance into the past.  The objective of this website is to bring you images of what is gradually decaying and in need of preservation, what has been preserved, and what is being preserved.

We welcome photographic and written contributions we can add to this site without violating copyrights. 
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