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The Road Goes On Forever
Preserving the past for future generations
Back Roads Utah is chronicling remnants of Utah's history found on Utah's back roads.  Utah's State Highways, Byways, oiled dirt roads and rutted dirt roads take us to places that I attempt to photographically preserve before man dismantles it or nature takes it back.  Images of structures, vehicles, and life-styles that you won't see on travel-logs is the primary subject matter.   

Most of these places are not visible from Interstate Highways. The plains of Sarangheti offer little more than Utah's nountains, vast deserts and valleys. Utah's wild animals and diverse cultures are unique.

Having traveled these back roads for thirty years, I continue to be amazed at what remains, but I also find it disturbing how quickly these treasures are vanishing.  It is my intent to photographa these treasures and display the photos and stories on this site - a virtual museum of Utah's past.  

Join our journey.  We welcome photographic and written contributions and give full credit to contributors.  If there are structure, vehicles, towns, etc. we should add, please provide us details of what we should visit and add, and their location by submitting the form to the right. 

Thank you and enjoy,

Ray Cannefax