Back Roads of Utah

Journey with us as we chronicle Utah's rapidly decaying past
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Dwellings - Remains of Dreams

They came from  everywhere to realize their dreams for a  better life.  Most succeeded.  Remnants  of those dreams remain today,  until  they are  absorbed by nature, history, or man, and disappear.      

 Towns & Communities

Rural communities were settled by harty souls who helped Utah become the great State it is.  These communities, established many decades ago, often remain quiet and productive to this day, and are filled  with  pleasant and enjoyable individuals who will share their stories of the past with visitors. 

Points of Interest & Attractions

Utah abounds with points of interest. Utah has  40 State Parks and 5 National Parks that offer something for  everyone.  World renown Monument Valley, Zion and Capital Reef are  only a short drive south of Salt Lake City.

Capital Reef Natl. Park​​

 Hovenweep Natl. Park

Monument Valley


© 2018 - 2019 Raymond Cannefax  All Rights Reserved.